The perfect Christmas gifts for interior designers

The perfect Christmas gifts for interior designers

The perfect christmas gifts for interior designers at our shop

  • Mukiza console
  • Duka cart
  • Katunda sofa
  • Hairpin bench
  • Kololo sofa
  • Side tables
  • Diamond center table
  • Chai side table
  • Ruth dining table
  • Jo shelf
  • Enkoko /professor/ madam seat

Christmas is a time when most of the world is expected to celebrate the birth of Jesus and in that season just as Jesus gave up his life on the cross, many of us are expected in one way to give a gift as a blessing in commemoration to what Jesus did.

For those interested in gifting interior design items more so furniture, Muti interiors has a variety of items from which to select so as to spice up your Christmas mood.

With our trusted products expect nothing but the best ranging from sofas, accent chairs, side tables, lampshades, lampstands to mention but a few.

And if you rate value over low price then continue downwards to explore some of our top and trending items.

  • Mukiza Console
  • This is one of our table formats that fits in very little space yet serves a great purpose for example it can be used to hold inner decorations like flowers, candles and many things.

    Below the wood is a glass that can also be used for storage purposes giving you more storage space. The console can be fit in the hallway or in the bedroom as one wishes.

  • Duuka cart
  • Similar to a trolley, the duuka cart is a combination of hardwood and metal with a great deal of space and burglar to hold your items without falling. With this you 

    Can give your interior a new look and among the advantages that come with it is that it has wheels making it easier to move from one place to another. The cart can be used anywhere in your house and if you already want it for your Christmas contact us at mutiinteriors on Instagram to make your order now.

  • Katunda sofa
  • This is one of our hot selling sofas and it is a 1-3 seater that comes in a different color upholster that we have for example…………

    It can be used in your living area or bedroom depending on your taste.

     Among the added advantages is that it comes in fabric that is easy to clean so you don't have to worry about stains.

    combined with our trusted frames, this could be your perfect Christmas gift incase you are looking at changing your sofa.

    Wondering where you can one Katunda sofa for your family, then find us muti(link to IG)

  • Hairpin bench
  • This is about 3ft bench that is rapped with upholstery to add beauty to it and can be used to relax mostly for women as they do their makeup. This will add elegance to your house which earns it a place on the best Christmas gift you can present to your family.

  • Kololo sofa
  • With a L shape, the kololo sofa can fit in small spaces and it could be the perfect christmas gift for your family as one of its advantages is that its suitable for small families and made with easy to clean fabric and you don’t have to worry about your young children and pets. Make your order now at muti and your gift could be delivered at your door steps with proper arrangement. Merry Christmas.

  • Side Table
  • If you are looking to spice up your living room and create accompaniment to your single seaters then we have a variety of side tables from which you can choose, visit muti(link) to make an informed choice on your exact side table. These come in various types for example the cube tall and short, chai side table to mention but a few and with a side table you can add mood to your house and Christmas.

  • Diamond Center table
  • Do you have a small living room and wondering which kind of table to use, muti has got you covered with the diamond center table below which is more space for flowers and in any way you’d like to use it.

    Made from hard wood and fitted perfectly on a metallic frame the table will live for many Christmas days ahead. Make your order now

  • Jo Shelf
  • Adding a Jo shelf in your house is a great deal because not only does it add beauty but also brings more interior design options because the shelf will spark off your designer ability due its plenty of space. What a way to celebrate Christmas, hurry while stocks last. Make your order now at muti and unbelievable but true prices.

    This festive season, are you looking at giving your house a new look and having joy at home with interior design then look no further because at muti we have got you covered with a wide range of products, here which you can customize to fit your need. You can direct message us on instagram for quicker replies.